Financial Literacy ֠Full Video

Want less stress? More happiness? Learn how to manage your finances!

How do you make a budget? What’s an index fund? Why is compound interest so powerful? What is the time value of money? Why should you start saving now? What should credit be used for? (Hint – not pizza!)

Do you ever want to buy a house? A car?

Money and finances. It seems so complicated. But it’s really not. Discover the answers to these questions and more. Learn the basics of Financial Literacy and how to manage your money…whatever there is of it!

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Subject Areas: Business / Family & Consumer Science Economics Mathematics

Topics: Banking Budgeting Compound Interest Financial Literacy Investments Money Management

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0:00 Introduction 1:24 Income 2:47 Expenses & Budgeting 4:50 Assets & Saving 6:17 Stocks & Index Funds 8:38 Compound Interest & Time Value of Money 11:00 Debt & Liability 14:30 Conclusion 15:57 Discussion Question