How to Make a Bandsaw Box In a New Creative Way | Easy Woodworking Project

How to make a bandsaw box with a small benchtop bandsaw. For 10% off your first purchase, go to: Ebay Listing For This Box: Kencraft Hardwoods: Bandsaw Box Book: TOOLS / SUPPLIES (affiliate links) Benchtop Bandsaw: Bandsaw Blade: Miter Saw: Table Saw: Glue: F-style Clamp: Spray Adhesive: Planer: Dremel: Dremel Flex Shaft: Dremel Bit: Router: Router Lift(similar): Router Fence: Disc Sander: Oil Finish: Red Flocking Fibers: Red Flocking Adhesive: Flocking Flocker: FOLLOW ME David Picciuto PO Box 2499 Toledo, OH 43606 #woodworking How to: Reorganize Your Pantry

Finally get a handle on the endless pots, pans, bags of flour, and half-filled boxes of stale cereal. Helana Brigman discusses how to organize a pantry while keeping it functional and fun for the everyday home cook.

Man Cave 101

Are you tired of living in a world of pastels, doilies, crystal and flowers? It’s time to take control and demand a man cave!

Managing Sentimental Items in a Small Space

Have you inherited too many sentimental items from a loved one? Learn how to choose what to keep, how to preserve your memories, and how to honor ones passed.

Common Shed Roof Styles: Selecting the Proper One

There are a lot of shed roof styles, but selecting the proper one should be based on aesthetics. Here are 5 different styles of roofs, their advantages and disadvantages and how to select the right one…

Save Money With Energy From Your Home

In 1974 it was estimated that only six private homes in all of North America were entirely heated or cooled by functional solar power systems. Today that figure runs into hundreds of thousands, thanks to the shortage of coal and the increasing petroleum prices.

Stay Warm While Saving Money

We all want to save money, there’s no question about that. If we can save while managing to avoid sacrificing any of the comforts that we have been used to, then that would definitely such an ideal situation for anyone who does it. On the other hand, we wouldn’t want to save money if it means giving up some of the things that we have been accustomed to now would we?

Taking Care of Flood Damage to Your Home

If you have flood damage in your home, you need to find the right help. Look for a restoration company willing to try to bring back some of the items that you thought were lost. It is a good idea to start your search even before trouble hits.

How To Make Your Basement Waterproof

The basement in your home can be a great spare room that can be used for various different purposes. In some cases though this tends to a problem when the basement is either damp or prone to water seeping in. It is quite natural that one would like to fix these issues before spending money on remodeling the area.

Chainsaw Safety And Operating Procedures

A chainsaw is a very useful piece of equipment but is without a doubt one of the most dangerous woodworking tools that we have in our woodworking shops. Cutting trees form your own wood lot for use on your own woodworking projects makes those projects all that more meaningful! Using a chainsaw and cutting down trees will never be a very safe operation but there are a number of things you can do to make it as safe as possible.

Children and Arts and Crafts

Children are very creative and imaginative. Indulging them in art and craft activities will help them show their creativeness along with expressing themselves in a great way. There are many advantages of children getting engaged in art and craft. Besides providing them entertainment it provides a great learning experience for both your children and you.

Basic Woodworking for Beginners

If you would take a look around your home, it is hard to ignore the fact that a huge percentage of your furniture is actually made of wood. There are tables, shelving units, cabinets and many other wooden items. You have purchased all of them at some point and without any doubt have cost you a considerable amount of money. But do you know that you never have to spend a lot each time you see an interesting piece of furniture made of wood? That is because woodworking is very easy! Doing woodwork projects can be very interesting and fun not to mention the pride of knowing you created that beautiful one-of-a kind piece of craftsmanship.

Simple Solutions for Upgrading Wall Shelving With Quality Materials and Decorative Angle Brackets

Here is a simple solution to improve unsightly shelves and shelving making them decorative in appearance, using quality surface shelving with attractive, strong angle bracket support. Allow yourself to improve your surroundings with style, design and great function. This simple, easy to do, solution will achieve organization in your office, kitchen, bathroom, and living spaces indoor or outdoor, while updating and enhancing at the same time. You can create a big impact with easy to do improvements.